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Panda Pattern Blanket Hoodie for Adults

Wearable Warm Oversized Sherpa Hooded Blanket with Panda Design

The one size fits all panda blanket hoodie is suitable for adults of all sizes. The panda blanket hoodie is made for all genders. It is the perfect addition to any animal-lovers lounge-wear collection, featuring a unique panda-inspired design.

It is super soft and loved by 250,000+ blanket hoodie fanatics across the globe. Enjoy ultra warmth and comfort while relaxing or on fun occasions with this easy-to-wear hoodie.


This super cozy wearable blanket features a hood, long sleeves, and a pocket for warmth, comfort, and storing valuables. It is the perfect companion for any outdoor occasion or lazy Sunday. The panda hoodie is gender-neutral, machine washable, and one size fits all.


The Panda blanket hoodie’s peculiarities are luxurious, soft, high-quality sherpa fleece inside and flannel fleece on the outside.


Blanket Hoodies makes its panda wearable blankets with eco-friendly materials:

  • Interior: 100% Polyester
  • Exterior: Loosely Woven Cotton and Polyester


The Panda hooded blanket only comes in one overly large size, making it suitable for adults of all sizes and shapes.

Adult Hooded Blanket

This blanket is your perfect cuddle buddy and is best suited for adults. It features a fun panda design on a green background.

Perfect Occasions for the Oversized Panda Blanket Hoodie

No matter the time or occasion, the Panda hooded blanket boosts your spirits and warms your soul with ultra-soft, lush materials. The Panda Blanket Hoodie is perfect for:

  • Camping
  • Cold nights & days
  • Lazy days & nights in
  • Sporting Events
  • Movie Nights
  • Christmas gifts
  • Valentine’s Day gifts

Panda Pattern Hooded Blanket FAQs

Will the blanket hoodie fit me?

Yes! Our Blanket Hoodies feature an oversized look to fit all shapes and sizes. It's genuinely a One-Size-Fits-All for men and women alike. Our Blanket Hoodies are modeled after a 6XL Hoodie with a few unique differences. It fits pregnant women, an eight-year-old, and even extra-tall basketball players!

When will my blanket hoodie arrive?

We're working around the clock to get your order as fast as possible! With the current high demand and low supply, this is the delivery time we're currently estimating 5-10 days!

Can I easily wash my blanket hoodie?

Taking care of your Blanket Hoodie is super easy, and it's entirely machine washable. We recommend washing your blanket hoodie in cold water and a gentle drying cycle to maintain the high-quality, ultra-plush materials for years to come!

Is the blanket hoodie suitable for kids?

Yes, kids as young as nine have enjoyed our blanket hoodies' fun and coziness! We offer a selection of blanket hoodies specifically for children ages 1-6 and 6-12 if you want a size more suitable for those extra-tiny humans.

What happens if I decide I don't like my hoodie?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee program. So, if you find your hoodie too cozy, then we'll take it off your hands and give you your money back.

Can I wear my hoodie all year round?

Yes! Our newest blanket hoodies are super breathable and made to be cuddled all year round! You can use your blanket hoodie for those fun family movie nights or summer evenings surrounding a campfire. Make the blanket hoodie an extra cozy addition during fall sports season to keep you and your little athlete warm during outdoor events.

What is a blanket hoodie?

Blanket hoodies are a type of clothing that combines the features of a hooded sweatshirt with those of a blanket. They feature a soft and plush material with a large hood and oversized fit (6X) to cater to various body shapes and sizes. They can be worn like a traditional hoodie or cover the body like a blanket.

How do you wear a blanket hoodie?

A blanket hoodie can be worn like a traditional hoodie, with the arms and head inserted into the sleeves and hood. You can even wear it as a cape or wrap, with the arms and head left outside the sleeves and hood. Some blanket hoodies have ties or buttons that allow you to fasten them closed, while others are designed to be worn open.

What is a blanket hoodie made of?

Blanket hoodies typically have a soft and plush material, such as fleece or sherpa, which is comfortable and warm to wear. Depending on the desired look and feel, some blanket hoodies may also be made of other materials, such as cotton or polyester.

Can a blanket hoodie be washed?

Yes, all of our hooded blankets are machine washable! It is generally recommended to wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle and to tumble dry on a low setting. Certain blanket hoodie brands may only be dry cleaned, so check the care instructions before washing.

Is a blanket hoodie suitable for outdoor use?

While a blanket hoodie can provide warmth and comfort in cooler weather, it may not be suitable for outdoor use in extreme conditions. It is not typically designed to provide the same level of protection from the elements as a coat or jacket and may not be water-resistant or windproof.

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