grey blanket hoodie

Grey Blanket Hoodie

Get cozy with this oversized blanket hoodie in a classic grey color! The grey hooded blanket is gender-neutral and perfect for all ages. Made with love (and ultra-soft high-quality sherpa), this blanket hoodie is modeled after a size 6X to fit men, women, and teens alike! It is highly durable and easy to wash. Relish in the warmth and coziness of the cushy and delightful grey hooded blankets that are kind to the skin and safe for the earth.

Ultra-Plush Oversized Grey Sherpa Blanket Hoodie for Adults


This super soft wearable blanket features a hood and long sleeves for maximum coverage and warmth. The large front pocket is perfect for holding valuables or warming your hands on a chilly evening.


The grey blanket hoodie features luxurious, high-quality extra-soft sherpa fleece on the inside and smooth, soft, flannel fleece on the outside. It is soft, warm, lightweight, and easy to use. The fabric is very breathable, making this wearable blanket the perfect companion all year long!

Fabric Details

We make our grey wearable hooded blankets with eco-friendly materials, including:

  • Inside: 100% Polyester 
  • Outside: Loosely Woven Cotton & Polyester Blend


Grey blanket hoodies come in size 6XL and can fit individuals of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Pregnant women, children, men, teens, and even basketball players fit comfortably into the one-size-fits-all hoodie blanket design.

Blanket Hoodie for Men & Women of All Ages

The grey hooded blanket is ideal for adults, teens, and kids. This oversized wearable blanket features a neutral grey shade, perfect for those who love a muted color palette and plush materials!

Perfect Occasions for the Grey Blanket Hoodie

No matter the season or occasion, the grey hooded blanket is the perfect companion to warm your body and lift your spirit! In love with the idea of a blanket hoodie but wondering where to wear it? We have got your back! Here is a list of events and activities this blanket hoodie is perfect for!

  • Camping
  • Cold Nights & Days
  • Lazy Sundays
  • Sporting Events
  • Movie Nights
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Kids Sleepovers
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Road Trips & Traveling

Benefits of the Grey Blanket Hoodie

One of the best things about wearing an oversized blanket hoodie is that it makes you feel incredibly cozy. The moment you put it on, you feel like you're being enveloped in a warm hug. It's the perfect thing to wear on a chilly day when your only plans include curling up on the couch with a cup of tea. Over 100K people worldwide adore our silky-soft, ultra-plush blanket hoodies, and for good reasons!

  • Stay warm and toasty on chilly days
  • Oversized for extra coziness
  • Stimulates a feeling of relaxation
  • Makes you feel safe and secure
  • Gender-neutral and perfect for all ages
  • The gentle fabric is ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • You can wear it around the house or on the go without feeling like you're wearing a blanket.
  • Velvety soft luxury materials make you feel like you're being hugged by a cloud
  • Lightweight and breathable to keep you warm and toasty without making you sweat.
  • Gives a "warm and fuzzy" feeling
  • Great for travel, as they can double as a blanket on long flights or car rides.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Machine washable for easy care

Grey Blanket Hoodie FAQs

Will the blanket hoodie fit me?

Yes! Our Blanket Hoodies feature an oversized look to fit all shapes and sizes. It's genuinely a One-Size-Fits-All for men and women alike. Our Blanket Hoodies are modeled after a 6XL Hoodie with a few unique differences. It fits pregnant women, an eight-year-old, and even extra-tall basketball players!

When will my blanket hoodie arrive?

We're working around the clock to get your order as fast as possible! With the current high demand and low supply, this is the delivery time we're currently estimating 5-10 days!

Can I easily wash my blanket hoodie?

Taking care of your Blanket Hoodie is super easy, and it's entirely machine washable. We recommend washing your blanket hoodie in cold water and a gentle drying cycle to maintain the high-quality, ultra-plush materials for years to come!

Is the blanket hoodie suitable for kids?

Yes, kids as young as nine have enjoyed our blanket hoodies' fun and coziness! We offer a selection of blanket hoodies specifically for children ages 1-6 and 6-12 if you want a size more suitable for those extra-tiny humans.

What happens if I decide I don't like my hoodie?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee program. So, if you find your hoodie too cozy, then we'll take it off your hands and give you your money back.

Why is the blanket hoodie so popular?

The popularity of the blanket hoodie has skyrocketed in recent years! The wearable blanket design provides maximum comfort with high-quality ultra-plush materials while remaining highly durable and easy to care for. With sleeves and a hood to ensure your body remains covered and cozy wherever you go, customers are raving about this innovative solution to the struggles of a standard blanket.

Should I wash my grey blanket hoodie inside out?

Washing your grey blanket hoodie inside out is not required. However, taking this extra step when cleaning your favorite wearable hooded blanket can help preserve the quality of the fabric and prevent wear and tear to the outside.

How often should you wash a blanket hoodie?

If you use your blanket hoodie frequently, we recommend washing it once weekly. Remember to use cool water and a gentle cycle with mild detergent for the best results.

Do blanket hoodies keep you warm?

While a blanket hoodie can provide warmth and comfort in cooler weather, it may not be suitable for outdoor use in extreme conditions. It is not typically designed to provide the same level of protection from the elements as a coat or jacket and may not be water-resistant or windproof.

Can I wear a blanket hoodie all year round?

Yes! Blanket hoodies are super breathable and made to be cuddled all year round! You can use your blanket hoodie for those fun family movie nights or summer evenings surrounding a campfire. Make the blanket hoodie an extra cozy addition during fall sports season to keep you and your little athlete warm during outdoor events.

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