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The Blanket Hoodie | Black Friday Sale | Free US Shipping

Made In The US

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- 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns

- ONE SIZE FITS ALL It is based on a 6XL hoodie. Made for all genders, teens and kids!

100% cruelty-free.

- Machine washable and no fuss. Just toss it in the washing machine and that’s it! 

Hoodie Sizing

Our hoodies are based off of a 6XL size which fits just about everyone

The exact size dimensions for the blanket hoodie is:

Length (From Shoulder to Bottom) - 87cm, 34.5 inches.

Width (From Left Armpit to RIght Armpit) - 78 cm, 30.7 inches.

Shipping & Returns

Standard Shipping Times

United States: 4-10 business days

We have a 60-day return policy, if you don't absolutely love it, you can return it for a full refund.

No risk guaranteed!

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First 1000 customers receive exclusive premium packaging. Order now before it's gone.

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Snug Shield Against the Cold

This isn't just any hoodie; it's a snug shield, designed to keep you toasty where it counts, while leaving your hands and feet free for whatever your day brings.

It’s the perfect ally against cold days and nights, offering a snug, cozy escape that envelops you in warmth.

Fabric Magic

The secret's in the fabric.

We use a high-grade fleece lining, known for its lightweight yet insulating properties.

Tests show our fabric combo retains heat 30% better than standard materials.

It’s crafted to keep you warm without the bulk, making it perfect for lounging or stepping out.

Long Lasting and Low-Maintenance

With reinforced stitching and fade-resistant dyes, our hoodie is built to handle wear and wash without a hitch.

We've also ensured it resists shrinking, so it maintains its perfect fit over time.

No fading, no wearing out, and no shrinking – just lasting quality.

Making your investment in coziness last.

Big Kangaroo Pockets!

Not just warm and cozy, our blanket hoodie also boasts huge pockets.

They're big enough to fit a kitten, or just about anything else you need to keep close.

These pockets are designed for convenience and warmth, perfect for your hands, accessories, phone, snacks, or even a small pet.